About Us


We are Vern and Joyell, sisters, and owners of Dorothy's Daughters Christmas Decor!

DDCD was created out of our desire to see thoughtfully designed Christmas decorations that were a true reflection of us ---- black, beautiful, and fun.  

We blame our extreme love for beautiful Christmas decor on our parents.  Our Mom was a seamstress that could sew an entire outfit without a pattern. Our Dad was an autobody repairman that could salvage vehicles that were considered "totaled out" with ease. Mom would come up with Holiday decor ideas and Dad would simply aid and assist.  

We watched them work together for so many years to create the things they wanted and so ---- Here we are!!   

Our first pieces,  "Daddy Santa"  and "Nutcracker Man" pay homage to our Dad.  We picked a skintone that we feel looks a lot like our Daddy's.  As our business grows each year we plan to add more pieces to our collection.  We have already started designing a piece that will pay homage to Mom in 2022. 

We are so excited to start this journey and hope you come along for the ride.   

Happy Holidays,

Vern and Joyell